Fort Wayne IP Law

The Fort Wayne area has many different manufacturers and technologies requiring intellectual property protection, including patents and trademarks.  Fort Wayne is located within the industrial belt of the United States, with varied manufacturers and technologies in the area.  The so-called “industrial belt” within the United States is generally thought to include the automotive and steel industries.  The industrial belt generally extends across the bottom of the Great Lakes, and stretches from Chicago in the west to Pittsburgh in the east, with Detroit located at the western end of Lake Erie in between.

Fort Wayne is known as the magnet wire capital of the world, with several magnet wire manufacturers located in the area.  Generally speaking, magnet wire is the wire used in electric motors which is wound around the stator poles within the motor.  Electric current within the magnet wire causes the rotor to rotate within the motor, which in turn cause an output shaft and pulley to rotate for output power.  Fort Wayne also is the home of the General Motors truck plant, which is the primary truck manufacturing facility in the United States for Chevrolet and GMC trucks.  Less than an hour to the west of Fort Wayne is Warsaw, IN which is the orthopaedic capital of the world.  Several of the orthopaedic OEM’s, and suppliers to the ortho OEM’s, are located in and around the Warsaw area.  For example, the orthopaedic manufacturers Biomet, Depuy, Zimmer, Symmetry Medical, Paragon Medical, Sites Medical, etc are all located in the Warsaw area.  Many other technologies also exist in the Fort Wayne area.

Fort Wayne has a population of approximately 400,000 people, and sized as such has all the necessary infrastructure for shipping, business equipment and communications, etc.  On the other hand, business overhead is still relatively low when compared to other geographic areas.  The three geographic areas where intellectual property legal services are the most expensive include the Washington D.C. area, the Los Angeles area, and the Chicago area.  The overhead in the Fort Wayne area is much less than these areas and the cost of IP services in the area is generally much less expensive.

Taylor IP is located on the north side of Fort Wayne.  We have all of the necessary and desirable business bells and whistles in terms of equipment, communications, etc.  On the other hand, our overhead is relatively low when compared with locations of other IP firms and we are able to pass these cost savings along to our clients in terms of lower fixed fee costs for most types of work.  We strive to provide high quality IP legal services with diligence and fair prices.